About Us

Hello! If you are here because you’ve already seen our work (and were curious) – then hopefully, what you saw speaks to you about the kind of films we (want to) make. We are a husband wife duo (surprise!) based in India. Miya Biwi Films was started by Suryakant Sawhney and Surabhi Tandon. Between us, we’ve had independent careers in film and music over the last decade. While Surabhi’s background lies in international TV journalism and documentary filmmaking, Suryakant has been deeply linked with the independent music and art scene of India.

    The combination of our exposure (through our work) and shared skill sets, enabled us to begin making films that lie on the cusp of real and reel life. We make films that are personal – they reflect the way we view the world, with all the chaos, beauty, absurdity, kindness and cruelty contained within it. Our sense of aesthetics is reflected in the images we shoot and direct. With a focus on creating stunning visuals, we strive to ground our films in strong narratives that have a sense of history, culture and time.

        More importantly, between the both of us - we’re able to oversee and contribute to every aspect of filmmaking - from production, to direction, camera, edit, post production and original music score / sound design – which gives us a tremendous amount of freedom in approaching our work through various ways. Combining both our worlds has led us to work for a variety of leading and influential brands on their social media campaigns. We also make music videos, short films and documentaries.